Borkum Riff : A Taste of Scandinavia

In the sixties, the pipe tobacco brand Borkum Riff was initially launched in Sweden. The blend was a combination of rough cut Burley and Virginia tobaccos. It did not really become a hit until a tobacco blend was developed eyeing the pipe tobacco market in the US where it found its biggest market. To this date, it has become one of the biggest-selling lines of tobacco blends in the US for well over 40 years. It has maintained a strong position and is being sold worldwide.

Generally, pipe tobacco smokers appreciate variety – always in a constant search for new types and new flavors and are always looking forward to new smoking experiences. Today, there are about four product ranges in16 flavor varieties to choose from.

Under the flake product range, there is Admiral’s Flake Cherry. It is made from the finest excellently pressed raw tobaccos with a premium quality mix of Burley tobacco and dark Kentucky. You can not miss the harmoniously balanced blend of aromatic tobacco and cherry flavor. It is air-cured with broken flake cut. This variety comes with medium strength, flavor and taste. Still from flake product range, comes the Admiral’s Flake Vanilla which presents as pressed tobacco with a very attractive color and delightful aroma. Made from great quality raw tobacco as with other product in this range, it is also an elegant mix of Burley and Kentucky with a mild tinge of vanilla flavor. The result is a blend of soft body and a satisfyingly long finish. Air-cured, this blend has Black Cavendish and Virginia added to its contents. It gives medium strength and taste; mild flavoring. Both varieties have pleasant room notes and come in 50 g tin package.

Under the Cavendish product range, there is Borkum Riff Black Cavendish. This blend commands elegance and stark seriousness, rich and powerful. It has an intense aroma containing mixture of dark Kentucky, Burley and with slight touch of fine Virginia. This blend is intended to be heavily fermented to let out a full flavor, subtly cool smoke and intensely satisfying aroma with little hints of nougat, nuts and truffle. It is fire-cured ribbon cut and packaged in 50 g pouch and 250g can. Another flavor is Borkum Riff Cherry Cavendish. This is another heavy blend of aromatic mixture of Kentucky and Burley which is enhanced with deliciously soft taste of cherry and a hint of vanilla. Heavily fermented, it has strong flavoring and it gives luxurious smoke with light and sweet aroma with a luxurious smoke. It is air cured, broken flake and comes in the same packaging as the other Cavendish products. Borkum Riff Vanilla Cavendish has almost the same quality as the Cherry Cavendish with regards to characteristics, contents and taste except that it has a milder flavoring and is more towards vanilla and that it is ribbon cut.

In the product range of mixtures, there is Mellow Breeze Full Aromatic which has strong tones of exotic fruits and mild undertones of French vanilla. It is bite free yet rich in taste and aroma. Another flavored variety is Borkum Riff Orange & Honey which gives subtle scent and aroma of fresh orange and creamy tone of honey. It makes a great choice for those who are into fruity taste and wants soft-body. Scandinavian Mixture reflects the tradition and tobacco heritage of Scandinavia, the roots of Borkum Riff. It is a premium mix of Virginia and Burley offering refined and exquisite taste with fresh and attractive aroma. And then there is Special Mixture No.8 which is an amazing mixture of 10 different types of exceptional tobaccos giving a good range of colors with bouquet of aroma and hints of vanilla to give you a satisfying smoking experience.

Few years back, Borkum Riff launched the Genuine Pure Tobacco blend which gives a natural and pure taste of tobacco. It is a premium mix of Oriental and Virginia tobacco done in light casing. It is a captivating blend of authentic dark tobacco with real tobacco flavor and inviting aromas of coffee, plum, nuts, and chocolate. It gives a slow burn and is easy to light and smoke. It makes a perfect choice for a tobacconist who seeks a taste that is rich and full-bodied. Another addition to the Pure Blend is the Classic Pure Tobacco and is closely similar to its predecessor except that it is stronger in characteristics and in taste and aroma.

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