Criss-Cross Tobacco: Pipe It Or Roll It

Smoking a pipe tobacco is a take-your-time experience such that rushing it would be a mortal sin. As most tobacconists would say, it is a sensual experience and should be enjoyed to its fullest with every minute and with every bit of burning tobacco. Just as you would take in your favorite wine or coffee, there is a variety of great flavors that you need to experience whether your taste falls in the category of natural or flavored tobaccos. If you want to find quality tobacco products, then we recommend

If you are more inclined to flavored tobacco, Criss-Cross Flavored Pipe Tobacco is an excellent choice. Criss-Cross is manufactured by SX Brands, a tobacco manufacturing company based in Virginia which carries a full line of fine tobacco products and accessories. It also carries the product brands such as Southern Steel Cross under the pipe tobacco line and Texas ‘RollEm and Southern Cross under its RYO (Roll Your Own) line of cigarette tobacco.

If you like the sweet aroma of flavored tobaccos or if you have taste for sweets, you may start off with Criss-Cross Flavored Pipe Tobacco. The flavor options available which actually get most of the consumers to buy are original, mint, smooth, vanilla and black cherry. It comes in a nice looking package of 6 oz and 16 oz. Generally, it is a light flavored tobacco. Most folks stick to this blend as soon as they get a taste of it but then again there are those who are in constant search for their perceived elusive brand of perfect tobacco.

Criss-Cross Pipe Tobacco is highly recommended as it is very affordable and is considered a low-cost alternative to most standard cigarette tobacco. Some would call it dual purpose or pipe cut tobacco in that it is almost the same as cigarette tobacco except that the leaf is cut a bit wider. Although it is originally meant for pipes, and considering pipe tobaccos are not under the same category that has been issued tax raise, savvy consumers use it as RYO. Whether you are a rookie smoker or a veteran looking to rock in rolling your own cigarettes, this brand is for you.

To give you a great smoking experience, Criss Cross Pipe Tobaccos had put in a lot of good skills to provide the adult consumer with a high quality product that is reasonably priced. Basically, this product line is designed to fit the consumers’ tastes and budgets. You will be surprised that Criss-Cross provides the kind of taste experience you are actually looking for. Experimenting on brands will help you figure out what is suitable for your taste. If you are a stick-to-my-brand fellow, trying new blends can be fun. Who knows, you might as well find something to be your next favorite. If you are totally clueless about where to start, you may just take that plunge and enjoy the new tobacco experience and despite Criss-Cross’ being cheap, the quality, taste, flavor, consistency and aroma is never compromised and will still deliver to your overall tobacco smoking enjoyment and satisfaction.

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